The Stat’s

The World Health Organization has identified the lack of physical activity as the 4th leading risk factor for mortality being responsible for 3.2 million deaths per year globally. The benefits of exercise is well known now and somewhat easy to accomplish once you make the commitment. Of course the amount of exercise you need depends on your goals. For general good health, we recommend at least 30 min. of exercise per day. For weight loss, research shows that at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise is optimal. To improve sports performance at least 60 minutes of high intensity exercise is best.

The Decision

The most important decision of your life could be to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Although your biggest obstacle could be procrastiniation, remember the phrase “Start Today”. Once you make the commitment to improve your quality of life, then it begins to get easier and results are often life changing. As soon as you become concious of the fact that you did this for yourself, and you are in control you will become hooked on feeling good and living healthy for the rest of your life.

The Process

We like to take the approach by initially focussing on how you feel and not the pounds, the inches and aesthetics.  Sometimes focussing on how you look in the beginning can set you up for failure. The first thing you should focus on is how you feel. Feeling good will only keep you going back for more. As time goes on you begin to feel better and better and begin to notice more positive changes. Soon you see a difference in performance, size, complexion, energy, mood, quality of sleep and of course – you look better than ever and have better self esteem.

Our Approach

Research shows that hours of moderate daily cardio is not always optimal to one’s health. As humans we weren’t  designed to constantly move and grind out repetitive motions, instead we at V Art of Wellness try to forge training programs that focus on moments that our ancestors did on a daily basis to servive. We encourage you to mimic natural or “primal movements” like: sprints, lunges, push-ups / pull-ups, crawling, squatting and more. At least 30 minute per day incorporated in your regimen is optimal. V Art of Wellness has developed a specific training system based on these principles called the Aeroga Movement® developed by Chris and Tracie Vlaun.

Beyond Fitness

“It’s the food”, I will say it again “It’s the food”. If you eat better, you will feel better. At V Art of Wellness proper nutrition is strongly emphasized since we truly are what we eat. Learn More

Christopher says “The aim is not only to enhance the physical, but mental toughness and spiritual expansion” It is proven that moving the body along with conscious breathing can sharpen focus, combat depression and open the heart.