Shantih Coro has over 15 years of experience as Nutritionist and is a speaker at many wellness and sports conferences and has hundreds of hours of continuing education in functional medicine, clinical nutrition, sports nutrition and is currently doing a 10 month mentorship program in clinical nutrition with Dr.Elizabeth Lipski PhD,CCN New York Times best seller author of Digestive Wellness.

Shantih’s patients range from people that want to lose weight, feel better, with mild to severe medical conditions and elite athletes such as UFC fighters, jiu jitsu players, wrestlers, world class tennis players, triathletes, polo players, soccer players, snowboarders and cyclists.

At age of 28 he was diagnosed with severe Chron’s Disease but refused the prognosis and to be on medication for life. Through his nutritional quest, he lived for one year in a farm eating traditional foods and was able to go in complete remission and he has been medication and symptom free for over 12 years. That experience led him to learn more about the digestive tract and to help many people with mild to severe digestive problems.

Shantih is an expert in digestive problems, wellness and sports performance enhancement and will work tirelessly to help his patients to achieve performance, optimal and balanced health. He educates his patients towards proper lifestyle changes, supplementation, exercise, stress reduction and nutrition.

Shantih is currently working on a research on the effect of certain bacteria strains and natural anti inflammatory compounds on yeast infection (candidasis) which will be published in the American Journal of Urology and is the creator of the formulas employed in the study.

As fitness professional, he had the opportunity to be mentored by the trainer of the trainers, Juan Carlos “JC” Santana and worked at his facility the Institute of Human Performance voted by Men’s Health and many other magazines as one of the top 10 facility in the country. He trained many professional athletes of many sports, moms, busy professionals and in accelerated rehabilitation with people with physical disability as multiple sclerosis.

Shantih currently works as V Art of Wellness as fitness trainer, as clinical nutritionist for Dr. Gheiler, MD one of the best urologists in the USA, over the phone as Clinical Nutritionist for Dr. Susan Iwako, DO (Indianapolis) and as sports nutritionist for Dr. Cabanellas with elite athletes of polo and for weight loss.

Shantih Coro, Director Functional Medicine, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer
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