July 2013 BeFit Method™ Trainer Challenge

The BeFit Method™ Monthly Trainer Challenge is a series of physical fitness events challenging our trainers to maximize their performance in individual tests of “SPEM” Strength, Power, Endurance and Mobility. It is based on the Befit Method™ training principles. The initial physical screening test will be given to anyone who desires to become a Befit Method trainer.

The challenge is intended to breakthrough the level of instant gratification that our culture is often conditioned to. Most cases you will need to prepare for the challenge. Success will require preparation, persistence, self awareness and gratitude. Discovering ones ability to adapt, rethink, reconstruct and overcome is part of the process I consider the Art of Wellness. The BeFit Method™ is vehicle used to understand and appreciate the art.

July 2013 BeFit Method™ Trainer Challenge: “The Hill”
Challenge date and time. Sat. July 27th 6:15am

5 min BeFit Method™ dynamic warm-up
1.75 mile deep sand run.

105 half push up/full pushup pump (10 half push-ups followed by a full static push-up… rest at the bottom)

10 over, over hill sprints (Sprint over the sand mound)

AMRAP As many rounds as possible for 18 min.

1.75 mile deep sand steeple chase.

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