Ten Rules For Raising Testosterone for a Stronger, Leaner Body

Testosterone is the most significant of hormones, being vital for physical fitness and wellness. For both men and women, low testosterone can lead to fat gain, low muscle mass, and physical weakness.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to improve testosterone for a better looking physique and peak health. There’s no need to take testosterone or other drugs.

The tips provided in this article are all completely doable by the average person and they can help you rise above your peers in ways you’d never have guessed.

Check it out:
• Your pre-workout testosterone (T) levels predict how much weight you’ll be able to lift in the big lifts such as the squat and the bench press.

• Athletes with higher testosterone levels before a competition or race are more likely to win.

• A woman who is closer to the upper limit of her testosterone threshold may have an advantage over other women in developing strength. Same goes for men.

• After age 30 is the vital time to attend to testosterone levels for men because it begins to drop off precipitously. Women should also shore up hormone balance to avoid body fat gain and muscle loss down the road.

Whether you need to optimize T to win a championship or just want to be lose body fat and get fit, here are ten rules for making it happen.

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