The Miami based couple Christopher and Tracie Vlaun have been dubbed as the wellness power couple and future of fitness in high profile publications like the Wall Street Journal and Amex’s DEPARTURES Magazine.

A little more about Chris and Tracie.

Tracie’s 15 years as an Elite model allowed her to grace the globe exploring a variety of yoga disciplines. She balanced the demands of a fast pace modelling career by studying and deepening her yoga practice. Christopher balanced a background in performance training, movement and functional fitness training along with earning degrees in art and design.

Chris and Tracie Vlaun, are now household names with Miami’s style set thanks to their singular beachfront fitness and yoga classes. The duo has a special way of remixing the greatest hits of fitness and wellness, adding a spin all their own.

By incorporating holistic principles and practices such as yoga and calisthenics into their fitness regimen, the couple has differentiated themselves from the traditional gym-based workout routine and has greatly helped to inspire many to adopt a more well-rounded and holistic approach to their own health and wellness.

The duo are the key wellness visionaries, developing concepts for some of the most sought-after destinations in North America.

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