Complete program:
When was the last time you talked to a health specialist about your nutritional habits,
fitness goals and health concerns? What is nourishing you? What is improving, supporting
and maintaining your health? A full 1-hour health-fitness consultation would provide us, you,
and our nutrition coach with important information to develop a customized health plan
with individual strategies to reach your goals.

Food Shopping
There are thousands of items sold in conventional and health food stores. Some with inviting
marketing packaging touting natural foods, high processed and minimally processed products.
Which 40 top ingredients will you go for to build your weekly and monthly menu?

Cooking Class
Only this hands-on 3 hour-class will get all your meals ready for the entire week. Get to know
every ingredient that makes your dish, the correct way to clean and prepare your food, and the
healthiest cooking methods and ways to store your food. This week will be the real transformation
of YOU. Cooking class, plus ready-to-eat meals for one week $450 (customer pays for ingredients)

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