RenewMe Balanced
The RenewMe Balanced Package focuses on finding balance in ones life. By replenishing your lifeforce (ch`i) the body can begin to calm from within. Practicing breathing techniques and moving in graceful movements, RenewMe balanced promotes the circulation of pranayama breath, and enhancing overall health.
• Private yoga practice catered to your specific individual needs
• *Chi-Gong Detox Bath, Chi-Gong assists the body in achieving balanced Life-Force energy.
• BrainOn Superfood Supplements
• Meditation Exercises
• Chakra Cleansing

RenewMe Balanced
RenewMe Focus Package is centered around clarity, balance, and mental concentration. Learning to enhance your focus with a daily yoga regiment, and implementing the tools you need to further your practice, and promote clear thinking to the optimal functionality.
• Wellness/Stress Evaluation
• 3 Day Power Yoga Private Sessions
• BrainOn Superfood Supplements ( promoting brain clarity benefits along with balancing mood)
• Guided Meditation
• Body Soaks Specializing in Concentration, Vitality, Energy, and Calmness
• Chakra Balancing /Healing Work

V-Art of Wellness will periodically bring in Wellness Practitioners to Lecture and teach classes pertaining to their expertise. An assortment of knowledge and creative experience will make the days exceptional for residents or hotel guests. Examples of Guest lecturers are: Herbalist/Chinese Medicine, Iridology, Feng Shui, Raw Food Specialist, Dermatology, and Craniosacral Therapist.

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