Avoid Burnout With The Anti Routine.

It is always a good idea to have a game plan but that does not have to entail such a rigid routine that if you deviate from it you consider yourself a failure.
So the game plan should be to make fitness a priority and its ok to set the goals high. You will have plenty of time to attain them as long as you make it a daily
priority to exercise. Once you make it a priority to make change happen the you can adopt the idea of mixing it up — allot.

Over my fifteen years experiencing many aspects of fitness and the industry I have had the opportunity to witness some amazing transformations as well as bouts of burnout.
Burnouts often happen because its just too much of the same old thing. To much of the same thing often leads to boredom which then leads to failure or eventually just giving up.

So recently I have started to return to my instincts, and started my own anti-routine. For one month I have decided to do something unique and different every day. I begin by asking myself, “what does my body need today”? For instance, my legs are killing me today and I can barely sit down. Yesterday’s heavy deadlifts have caught up to me… and taken over. So what does my body want besides recovery? Well, all my body really wants is the things that will help me to recover… I feel like Yoga and rest will be the answer for today. Get the idea?? So my advise is to stick to the game plan, listen to the body and continue to feed the beast (body) what it needs daily as long as it is with the intension of becoming more fit and healthier you.

Christopher Vlaun | ©2014
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