Explosive Training

One of the most noticeable elements of professional sports is the fantastic physiques and incredible athleticism which today seems almost common place. Whether you watch football, basketball, soccer, or track & field, you see body’s that look almost super human, and which can perform at a level beyond what most of us even dream about. Even more impressive, many of these top performing athletes are enjoying careers that our longer than ever before. How is it possible to reach such an ultra-high level of sports performance and maintain it?

Today’s top athletes are doing high-intensity interval-style functional training workouts

The answer in more simple than you might expect. The fitness and nutrition programs of today’s athletes are more refined and scientifically based that ever before, and the evolution is to short-duration, high-intensity functional training movements. This type of exercise is now commonly called Explosive Training. The days of casually doing laps around the field are long gone. Today’s athletes at the pinnacle of these high visibility sports have learned to push themselves to their limits of their ability doing high-intensity, interval-style functional training workouts. Watch a professional sports team train today, and you’re far more likely to see 20 yard sprints and vertical jumps, than you are to see players jogging around the field.

Explosive training significantly boosts the natural product of human growth hormone

The favorable impact of high-intensity interval training is even more significant as we get older in that this type of explosive training has been shown to significantly boost the natural product of human growth hormone, and your level of growth hormone plays a major role in optimizing the results you get from your fitness program. Your growth hormone levels affect your ability to both lose body fat and gain lean muscle. Unfortunately, as you reach 30 your hormone levels generally start to decline, contributing to weight gain, reduced energy and muscle loss. So even if you workout harder and improve your diet, you just don’t get results like you use to.

Elevate your body’s natural hormone production by as much as 200%.

Fortunately, you don’t have to accept a declining fitness level once you reach 30. Through the combination of the right type of physical activity and proper nutrition you can stimulate your natural growth hormone production and get more of the results you are looking for. The first step to getting improved results is to workout properly, by incorporating high-intensity interval-style workouts into your fitness program. Then by combining the increased intake of amino acids such as L-Glutamine and L-Arginine, research has shown you can further stimulate your body’s natural hormone production by as much as 200%.

It’s time to change up your fitness and nutrition program

If you are over 30 and have started to experience a decline in the results from your workouts, it’s time to change up your fitness and nutrition program. Remember, staying healthy and in your best shape is not just a short-term focus, but should be a long-term lifestyle. So shorten-up your workouts, give your body the nutritional support it needs, and adopt healthy behaviors you can sustain for years to come. With today’s scientifically developed training methods and advanced nutritional support, it is now possible for your body to continue to perform at its highest levels for many years to come.

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