We spend an estimated 30 to 40 billion dollars a year on diets and weight-loss products. But 65% of us are still significantly overweight, and the long-term failure rates of fad diets and diet chains (Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig included) are said to be dismissal.

The important question is why can’t we lose weight and keep it off, even when we stick to a diet plan and regular exercise?

In order to lose weight you do not need to count calories but to eat nutrient dense foods and most importantly you MUST NOT feel hungry, with mood swings, feeling cold or with low energy. Our weight loss program combines proven nutritional strategies, laboratory testing and cutting edge supplementation geared to optimize your metabolism and to give permanent results rather than a temporary fix.

Together with your weight loss program you will receive permanent access to our educational website with videos specific to your metabolism, articles and many useful files.

The benefits of our weight loss program include:
• Rapid weight loss
• Food intolerance testing
• No counting calories or meal replacement
• More energy, better mood, sleep and skin
• Only delicious real foods
• A lifestyle that you can maintain for life

It has never been easier to lose weight and keep it off!

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