The Healing Power of Bone Broth


We have all heard the age-old belief that chicken soup is good for colds and flu, but did you know that there are real scientific basis behind the health-affirming effects of bone broths and stocks?

The staple of many traditional diets across all cultures and cuisines around the world, broths of chicken, beef, lamb, fish and more are easy to make and have been proven to be incredibly beneficial to our health. They are filled with nutrients, packed with rich flavors, and exceptionally helpful for anyone who is feeling rundown or suffering from adrenal fatigue.

The origins of bone broth began with our ancestors, who were looking for a way to make use of those parts of an animal that could not be consumed directly. This means the feet, skin, ligaments, bones, marrow and tendons. By boiling these parts over several days, a nutritious, delicious liquid was created that has stood the test of time and remains enormously popular to this day. So what exactly is it about bone broth that gives it such wonderful healing powers?

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