Juice Recipe: Carrot Lemonade

Carrot Lemonade 4-5 medium carrots 1/2 medium lemon 1 apple 1 small 1.5 – 2 ” wedge red cabbage 1 round of Ginger , about the size of a quarter


Meditate on the treasure chest… imagine that, as you go through your day, your heart spends all its time singing your praises. The frequency of the song is too high for you to hear. But even when you think that others may have doubts about your qualities, you can take reassurance from the knowledge of […]

Meditation: Cultivating Self Love

Cultivating Self-Love 1. Love – Acknowledge that you deserve health and happiness, and that you’re worth the effort it takes to make a positive change. Remind yourself how the specific change you are making supports for your wellbeing. 2. Compassion. Without self-judgment, recognize how the habit you are trying to change creates suffering and stress […]

Today’s Meditation: Inner Wisdom

Meditate on your Inner Wisdom. We tend to believe that the sources of true wisdom lie with the great and the good. Yet however modest our lives are, we are al capable of arriving at profound insights. All that is required is the willingness to attend to our own experience and to regard ourselves as […]

What do you enjoy in your juice???

Here are some things we enjoy in our juice. Cucumber: a base of choice for most recipes since they are water dense and relatively low calorie.