Relieving Stress

90 percent of all disease is caused or complicated by stress. One of the most effective ways to to reduce stress is deep breathing, which helps block stress hormones. Try Aeroga with Tracie or the BeFit Method on the beach with Chris both workouts focus on some great deep breathing segments at the end of […]

How to help lose weight…change what utensil you use.

Chris and Tracie Tips: Fork is a like a pitchfork, spoon is like a shovel, chopstick is just a pinch. Pinch your food, don’t shovel or toss it in!

Ananda Balasana- Happy Baby Pose

Strengthens/Stretches the hips, inner groin, and Spine. It helps calm the brain and relieves stress and Fatigue. This is a relaxation pose and can be taken anytime, during mat work. It is very much like child’s pose but on the back.


” Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.” ~James M. Barre