Fathom Florida – 11 Things in Bal Harbour: From Chanel to Chaturanga

11 Things in Bal Harbour: From Chanel to Chaturanga
by Alyssa Shelasky

Contributing editor Alyssa Shelasky finds out where best to eat, drink, and show off that post-workout body in south Florida.

BAL HARBOUR, Florida – There I was, knee deep in guava smoothies and chicken sausage at the St. Regis Bal Harbour breakfast bar, scarfing food in a sports bra. I was famished from Tracie Vlaun’s morning Aeroga class, where we did planks, push-ups, and power-dancing, barefoot on the beach, while belting out Pink and Phil Phillips, feeling hyper-present and empowered. Tracie, and her business-partner-slash-hot-husband, Chris, have all the soulfulness…

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The Art of Wellness – Bespoke Magazine Summer 2013

“Husband and wife team Christopher and Tracie Vlaun, the founders of V Art of Wellness (V stands for vibrations) who helped create the Wellness Program, came from two very different backgrounds. Tracie Vlaun, an international model and actress for 15 years, began training in various forms of yoga while traveling around globe, from South Africa to Germany, where she developed new ideas incorporating her knowledge of music and spirituality.”

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Tracie and Christopher Vlaun Featured in The Miami Herald

Tracie Wright Vlaun and Christopher Vlaun Noted as the Local Tracie Anderson “A-List Trainers”