Experience a high calorie burning, dynamic, cross training bootcamp integrating multiple training modalities that include: intervals, functional movements, true strength and core conditioning with a blend of yoga and Tai Chi cool down. A majority of class is performed on the soft sand.

Training in an outdoor setting, without the artificial sensory distractions of a gym, is one of the cornerstones of the Vlaun’s philosophy. Natural settings create an ideal opportunity to bring the focus back to the specific mind/body connection of the individual, making them aware of their breath, their heartbeat, their rhythm and the fitness they were born to have.

SHRED 45 WINTER 2014 – 2015

Shred 45 Class Package Program.
Challenge yourself to six weeks of commitment
and experience complete inside out transformation.
The program includes:

– Unlimited Classes For 45 Days!
– Bi-Weekly Weigh-In,
– Before And After Photos
– Pre And Post Physical Assessment
– Body Type Food Guide And Training Philosophy
– Bi-Weekly Check In With Assigned Coach
– Recommended Regime: 5 Days Per Week (Two Days Of Yoga)

Note, this training program is based in an outdoor environment. The experience aids spiritual transcendence and inner/inter connection. It is more and more commonly known that a natural environment elevates mood, stimulates sense of ambition, improves the immune system, and harnesses focus.