February BeFit Method™ Challenge “The Wall”

The BeFit Method™ Monthly Challenge is a series of Natural physical fitness events challenging our trainers to maximize their performance in individual tests of “SPEM” Strength, Power/Power Endurance, Endurance and Mobility. It is based on the Befit Method™ training principles. Consider the challenge a personal physical and mental screening.
*** Note *** You can now enter the challenge in pairs. This means you and a Friend have the option to split the WO agenda in 1/2 as a team of two.

February 2014 BeFit Method™ Challenge: “The Wall”
Challenge date and time. Thursday, February 20th 6:15am
5 min BeFit Method™ Dynamic Warm-Up – “Primal Awakening”

– .75 mile deep sand run to the The Wall.
300 Arm Rotations (at the wall)
60 x 4 Mountain climbers (at the wall)
.75 mile deep sand run back from the Wall.

100 Power Jacks (modification – jumping jack)
50 Spiderman Push-Up (modification – Spiderman Plank)
30 Body Blasts (Modified Burpee)
100m Bear Crawl
600m meter pick-up (Deep Sand run)

75 Power Jacks (modification – jumping jack)
30 Spiderman Push-Ups (modification – Spiderman Plank)
20 Body Blasts (Modified Burpee)
100m Bear Crawl
600m meter pick-up (Deep Sand run)

50 Power Jacks (modification – jumping jack)
20 Spiderman Push-Ups (modification – Spiderman Plank)
15 Body Blasts (Modified Burpee)
100m Bear Crawl
600m meter pick-up (run)

This will be a timed event.
Time Posting will follow the event.

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The challenge is intended to breakthrough the level of instant gratification that our culture is often conditioned to. Most cases you will need to prepare for the challenge. Success will require preparation, persistence, self awareness and gratitude. Discovering ones ability to adapt, rethink, reconstruct and overcome is part of the process I consider the Art of Wellness. The BeFit Method™ is vehicle used to understand and appreciate the art.

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