An Athlete’s experience.

We have recently had the pleasure to get some workouts with a professional baseball player and Miami local George Barber. He had some great things to say about his experience, so we wanted to share with our friends.


“Thanks for the workout!

Here’s a little testimony – Having been through high school, college, and professional strength and conditioning programs, none of them have provided the “experience” that V Art of Wellness has. Chris and Tracie have introduced a new level of fitness to me, a perfect blend of intense focus and “true strength” developing body movements. Chris’s workouts challenges you to get the most out of your body, training the body and mind to be efficient and perform at optimal levels.Tracie’s Aeroga pushes you past your mental and physical limitations, incorporating a mix of yoga and high intensity workouts that breeds balance, focus, and body strength. As an athlete and avid fitness follower, I can attest that both workouts are unlike anything I’ve experienced. Seeing how applicable they are to my craft and life is truly exciting. I genuinely believe that Chris and Tracie aren’t selling a product, but rather sharing a lifestyle that aids in a better quality of life mentally and physically, fit for any and everyone.”

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