The Art of Wellness – Bespoke Magazine Summer 2013

“Husband and wife team Christopher and Tracie Vlaun, the founders of V Art of Wellness (V stands for vibrations) who helped create the Wellness Program, came from two very different backgrounds. Tracie Vlaun, an international model and actress for 15 years, began training in various forms of yoga while traveling around globe, from South Africa to Germany, where she developed new ideas incorporating her knowledge of music and spirituality.”

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Training your muscle groups daily.

There is no need to target all your muscle groups in one session.
If you are the one to come up with your own workout program, take note that there is no need for you to target all the muscle groups each day. If you workout every day, then see to it that certain muscle groups are given ample time to rest before targeting them again. By doing this, you are giving time for your muscles to recuperate and get developed.

Real Food vs. Nutritional Supplements

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Are you eating Healthy????

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