Are you eating Healthy????

You probably would if you had a plan that selects your meals based on science, common sense and your guts.

First Step:
No one diet works for everybody. Neither does one fitness method. In order to find a healthier you, you first must rediscover your own tastes and preferences without excluding necessary nutrients and food groups.

Let’s take vegetables as an example. You may like spinach but not watercress; green cabbage but not arugula, love endive but not Swiss chard. No problem. Eat what you like– but make sure you eat something from the vegetable group that includes greens.

The same principle should be used when choosing the type of proteins needed to build and repair tissue: plant or animal or a combination of the two. Choose the ones your body can digest the best, never miss them!

Second Step:
Experiment. Be open to trying a variety of foods. Take beans as an example. They are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, packed with vitamins, mineral and fiber and a good deal of amino acids (protein). There are many to choose from and many ways to combine them into healthy, tasty meals. You will discover when experimenting with them which ones are the easiest for you to digest.

Third Step:
Be consistent with whatever you choose when adopting a nutrition and physical fitness regimen. We don’t exercise just for a month to keep ourselves healthy; we work continuously– daily– in order to make it happen. We must keep ourselves always active while giving our bodies all the good foods on a regular basis. To do this we must:
1) Try to eat foods that are in season.
2) Question what is in foods and if it will be healthy for you when selecting them.
3) Make our surrounding peaceful when eating and digesting our meals.
4) Pay attention to your stage of life. Listen to your body. What we could do in our 20’s may not be welcome at our 30’s or 40’s. Adjust. Respect the course of nature and adopt a food regimen and a fitness program that suits you

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