With gym closures and quarantines, people have to make big changes to their workout routines. Since exercise is so important — especially now, we want to make sure that we don’t succumb to a habit of over indulging on Netflix and lost physical motivation. This we know can easily become a downward spiral.

So, teaming up with The Wall Street Journal, we provided a workout form the “Type – A Overachiever” and for “The Outdoor Enthusiast”.

Chris and Tracie Vlaun Featured in PASTE – How to Keep Your Edge on the Road

While I secretly hoped to detox with a massage before sprawling out at the pool, trainers Christopher and Tracie Vlaun were ready and waiting in the spa to take me to the beach for a different type of detox. The fitness power couple behind the boutique brand V Art of Wellness are known for keeping everyone from royalty to Olympic athletes in shape.

Resolution retreats: Top 10 fitness vacations for the New Year

V Art of Wellness is feature in CNN for the “Top 10 fitness vacations for the New Year”.