Why do you need FIBER??

As exercise and proper nutrition go hand to hand to promote health, so does digestion to promote a functional and clean inner body. We should think about how to assist our bodies in the phase of digestion, absorption and elimination of waste. To do it right, it is recommended that we consume 35-40 grams of natural fiber each day. This can be found in most of the whole foods that come from trees and plants. This includes fruits, vegetables, grains and beans. For the most part, it does not include high proccessed and packaged foods.

Starting from the moment you get up in the morning, count the amount of grams you are consuming for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Try to make sure the number is between 35 and 40. To help you, keep in mind that a morning meal of a cup of whole grain cereal, with seeds and fruit can provide you with 8-10 grams of good fiber. A snack with a pear, apple, kiwi or crunchy chunks of veggies will add 3-6 grams; feel free to add cottage cheese or hummus or any side dip you prefer. Choose lunches that contain 8-10 grams of fiber and dinners that have 8-10 grams. To do that, your meals will have to be full of steamed, raw, or grilled vegetables. This might include a side of beans or a combination of a whole grain with a splash of seeds and the protein you need.

Remember that fiber helps the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates. Along with proper hydration, fiber is also a cleanser by nature that sweeps away the bad cholesterol with the waste and toxins during evacuation. Finally, science shows that controlling body weight and keeping our heart healthy depends on getting enough exercise and getting enough fiber each day. Try to make sure both of them are equally part of your day.

M. Mercedes Cardenas
Health- Fitness & Nutrition coach with V Art of Wellness

Consult to your physician before taking any nutritional recommendation

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